Reactive, proactive, interactive oh my!

Erhm what was it again?

Thought about content management?

I’m thinking I’ll make a series out of this, like I did with my auditing tips.
In this post we will cover the three different types of content that we share, later we will dive deeper into the other aspects of content planning and management.

With that being said,
That feeling you have when you just DON’T want to log on and make another social media post.
Do you know that feeling?

Does it happen to you repeatedly?

Maybe it’s time to consider social media content planning.

Knowing what to do on social media is half the battle (sometimes), and making a plan for your content doesn’t have to be a huge thing, it can start in the small.

With 3 words.


3 active words with a lot of meaning.


Posting on the GO!

This is good for letting you change and responde quickly to the mood of your audience, handle recent news in your industry, and even to let the content be authentically you.

Reactive content is great for building engagement, but constantly shifting and being on alert on socials can be exhausting, especially if you are only doing Reactive content, as it would require you to be connected all the time.

It can be good to have an overarching plan as to what you are posting, and to have content ready on off-days.

I know that some of you might be reluctant to schedule content, as it feels more authentic to post on the go, even when you have content planned for something.

Nobody needs to know.

You can schedule, and plan for being active at the time of posting to make sure you are still reactive in your content management, and it’s recommended that you do so.
Engaging around the same time you have content being pushed out, is key to engagement building, and a bit of relaxed mind for yourself, knowing thta the content will roll out, without you stressing with the phone as the clock hits 7pm, just to publish something.


You have seen the calendar, in 3 weeks its Valentines or a major event, be it nationally or internationally. If you know what you want to do for it, schedule it NOW, if not, start planning for it.

A proactive strategy on social media is “showing up” on time, and being consistent with the content you publish.

A proactive approach to social media is scheduling content ahead of time, to make sure you don’t miss a day, while also allowing space for being creative and making content on the go (reactive), if you should wish.

It allows you to add captions ahead of time, because you know that 85% of videos on Facebook and Instagram is being watched without sound.

It allows you to research hashtags in advance and have a #plan for your content, in order to reach the right people, using the right words.

Being proactive on social media allows you to also take use of the metrics and measure the efficiancy of your outreach and presence across your social media platforms, allowing you to adjust when needed.

Hosting challenges and competitions is another great way to continue building engagement and reaching new audience.


Duett me!

Interactive content is the sprinkle on ice cream, the cerry on top, and the boba in your tea, it gives LIFE to any social media account.

It’s being unapologetically excited about something, and sharing what you love with others in video format.

Tiktok, Reels, Twitch, oh my!
A delight to the mind.

There is something about Interactive content that draws people in. It increases the “time spent on account” tracker that runs behind most social media algorithms. I’ll probably make an entirly different segment on this alone. This in turn increases your reach.

The downside with only doing interactive content is that it is time consuming and that it takes a lot of time. You then need to market the content you made, in order to get eyes on it.

As with Sprinkles on ice cream it’s good to have SOME, but not all sprinkles and no ice cream.

If you are making a lot of video/audio only content, consider switching things up with also using screen grabs, clips, and stills from the video (or make graphics to present your content) in order to make additional content.
This will allow you to populate your channels with more posts, about the same piece of content. Maximising the output.

Let me know if you would be interested in a full post covering how to do split a piece of content into several smaller pieces of content.

Find more tips on Social Media down below.

Brand Marketing

The audit is on!

Today we are looking at your brand.
Do you pass the test? Do you need help with anything?

  • Are you using the same high-level pitch of your game on your bio page for socials?
  • Is the style and tone of voice consistent throughout your marketing efforts?
  • Are you ensuring that the most important information is placed “above the fold” on socials?
  • Are you adding subtitles on voice content?
  • Are you following a style guide for marketing content?

(consistent usage of logo, fonts, colors, filters/image editing, tone of voice, word usage, and emojis)

Cosplay photoshoot for DiceCoaltionGames

Food for thoughts:
If I asked you today, what is your brand, what would you answer?