Twitter 101

I hear you.

I don’t know what to do on Twitter

– Every client ever…

When you first join twitter there is a silence. We need to break that.
Make some Noise!

  • Find, or make a list of movers and shakers in the industry
  • Follow TOPICS
  • Follow key- influencers in the industry

You have to stick with it for a while before you start seeing a return on the investment on Twitter, if you are just getting started I would recommend spending at least 3 months on it before you decide if it’s a platform for you or not.

Personally I love Twitter, it’s a great way to find like-minded people and find cross collaborative opportunities in the field.

You started following people, now let’s talk Content. Content is QUEEN!

Types of content

  • Video
  • Images
  • Memes
  • GIF’s
  • Text only

In the beginning you want to find outwhat works for you, your industry, and the followers you are attracting. A combination that works for some, might not work for you.

We are all unique beings, and this is where YOU get to * SHINE *

Not a meme person? Just Skip It!

Here’s a Skip, Use it wisely.

Quote Retweets and Retweets

Did you do a good?
Retweet it!

Every now and then, you want to Retweet your own work. Shared some cool Work Product? Bump that post!

Really want more people to see your latest content? Wait 12 hours, and then retweet it. This is to ensure you get the max out of the audience, and the Time Zones we all live in.
EU sleeping? No Problem – Retweet!

Allow Quote Tweets.
It might seem counterproductive, and some fear that it will take the conversation away from their account.
Truth is, this encourages a wider spread of the content.

Replies and Comments

No-one wants to feel chained to the screen, and replying to content on Twitter shouldn’t feel like WORK.

Networking and making conversations is a HUGE part of Twitter, and I want you to have fun with it.

Replies and comments is a great way to BOOST that piece of content, as well as that of your friends. Holding conversations is a fantastic way to increase the visibility to the conversation happening.

If possible, spread out when you use the platform to reply and making content. You will usually see an increase in activity early morning and late evenings depending on the location of your audience.


Twitter, like most other social media platforms, doesn’t like Links.
This is because it takes the viewers away from their platform.

So whenever you can, try to share the content natively.
A bit of art? – Share it as an image
Want people to check out your Youtube channel? – Look into getting a Link organizer for your bio, and add a call to action for people to go there, and make a graphic image showing the content they can find.

Be as specific as possible, and manage expectations when you have to share a link.
” Click this link to find my friends cyberpunk game that is currently on Kickstarter”

*Save the clickbaiting for Facebook where it might work.


Use them!

Non specific tags, unless trending, is a big No-No.
The more bot-y you look, the higher a risk you run to get yourself supressed. It’s a balancing act for sure.

So, here is what you do:
Check what tags are trending, and jump on the ones that are relevant to you and your industry, and those that sound like fun.
Product and Service- focused accounts can often see a boost to their content when taking a spin on trending tags that fit their content.

#recycling trending again and you happen to have this really cool up-cycled desk organizer at work? Share it!

Use specific tags that are relevant to the content you are sharing.
Posting about the latest productline you just released?
Make a tag for it.

If you make rainbow coloured dice set, then #rainbowdice is a great tag to use. If you are a freelance copywriter and want to share your sell-sheet? #freelancecopywriter

Remember, tags, are Keywords.
When people click, or search for these words, they expect to find Relevant content.

Be Relevant.

Own your own Hashtag
#MarketingWithDina is a tag I often use when sharing tips on how to do marketing, it makes it easier for people to find my webpage, as well as other content that I have made under this tag, no matter the platform.
Do the same.


Find out your best posting time.

This is a bit trickier than on Instagram and Tiktok, as those will literally tell you exactly when your audience is the most active.

Look at your analytics.
Where is your audience located?
There are three times during the day that people usually are the most active.

  • First thing in the morning
  • Lunch hour distraction
  • Late evening

Once you know the timezones your audience is located in, try posting around those times for a few weeks and then go back to the analytics and see which ones gets the highest impressions and interactions.

Stick with the times that work, and tweak the ones that doesn’t work.

Adjust your content to the audience.
Don’t post about Breakfast when your audience would be having dinner.

Profile BIO

Be sure to have an updated Profile text, that accuratly describes who you are, and what you do on the Twitter-verse.

Manage expectations. People like to know what they will be getting before hitting the Follow button.

Make it easy for them to make that decision


One tip I always give my clients is to make sure their Twitter is set to “See Latest Tweet First”, this makes it easier for you to repond to content that is Current.

8 tips that will get you seen on Twitter.