Wonderful people that I worked with

Hero Realms Digital Deckbuilding Game by Robert Dougherty for Wise Wizard Games

I joined the team at Wise Wizard Games to help ensure an even coverage on all socials for the duration of the campaign.

With a large pool of LIVE streams going it was vital that the team was hands on.

Funding Successful – 5,068 backers pledged $287,386 to help bring this project to life.

Hidden Leader by BFFGames.

Assisting with hashtag research in order to better target their presence on Instagram.
BFFGames wanted to run their own social media but needed some pointers as to the do’s and don’ts on the various platforms. We spoke about Tiktok and how to best use the platform.
They can be found on TikTok as the Boardgamegoblin

Funding successful – 2,735 backers pledged €263,333 to help bring this project to life.

Dawn by Taylor Hayward for Green Meadow Games.

I ran all social media accounts, in addition with assisting with solo mode development and playtesting.

For launch I jumped on Tiktok re-creating the makeup of the Bandit as found in the game.

Funding Successful – 912 backers pledged $37,739 to bring this project to life

What the What?! The Party Game Reinvented by Well Why Not Media

For this game I am running all social media accounts, in addition to assist with finding content creators and handle marketing related outreach.

Funding Successful –
519 backers pledged $32,273 to help bring this project to life.

Top Pop by Talon Strikes Studios

Running all social media channels for the publisher for their prelaunch and during the campaign.

An influencer collaboration; involving cosplay, song and dance.

Funding successful – 331 backers pledged $10,032 to help bring this project to life.

“A game about WEE WHIMSICAL CREATURES and trying to identify them after someone makes noises.” by Stuff By Bez

Assisting with running the Instagram account for Categorickell, hashtag research and marketing consulting.

Successfully funded – 814 backers pledged £5,508 to help bring this project to life.

Food Time Battle in Spaaaace by Crab Studios (relaunch)

I was their social media consultant, helping them level up their social media game.

With the help of improved social media presence they were able to successfully relaunch, and funded in 4 hours.

Funding successful – 102 backers pledged £ 2,472 to bring this project to life

Numpty Games by Numpty Games

A slow funding process and a rough slump brought Numpty Games to my inbox.

By giving some pointers on how to get out of the slump by using social media, they got back on track to funding

Funding Successful –
94 backers pledged NZ $ 8,470 to bring this project to life

Top Tale by Yub Nub Games

Assisting with playtesting of the Top Tale mobile app, I was able to identify several bugs that improved the success of the app and how it is received.
Assisted with advice on social media presence, contributing to the successful relaunch of Top Tale on Kickstarter.” 

Funding successful – 148 backers pledged $6,513 to help bring this project to life.

Terraternity by Igan Mich Publishing

Procided social media consultation and playtesting in the early stages of the project.

It’s exciting to see a game tackle sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing

Currently LIVE on Kickstarter

Cranky Chinchilla by Cranky Chinchillas

Social media and community management in prelaucnh and during campaign.

Handling Chinchilla influencers and boardgame influencers alike.

Currently LIVE on Kickstarter

Tale of Sampo by Tuomas Mansikka.

I ran all social media accounts, in addition to assist with solo mode, and expansion development.

We made a promotional short film leaning heavily on the story that inspired this game, the Tale of Sampo from Finnish Mythology found in Kalewala.

With no other marketing efforts, and one month on social media pre-launch this was an interesting campaign to work on, and I managed to gather 136 backers

Funding Unsuccessful

Hyperwars by Fabricio Leotti – DiceCoalition Games

Running all social media platforms and in charge of video editing for social media content.

Fully utilizing YT shorts as a marketing platform.

Booking the designer in for interviews and podcast appearances.

Cosplay, and local playtesting.

Project Cancelled.

Relaunching in the works, follow the project here.

Battle Peak by Bandit Brothers Board Games

Assisted with social media insight and create a plan for their social media marketing.

Project Cancelled

So Sus by Niel Mackay

A Party/ Trivia Game that was totally sus with the amogus fans, winning them over was going to be a hard sell, targeting their parents was easier.

Jumped on this project with knowhow, and launched some killer Tiktok Ads.

Project Cancelled

In marketing, there is no such thing as “too early”, there is only “too late”.

Dina Ramse

Upcoming Projects

DJ Icon by Mike Trias from Koalatie Games

Assisting with Social Media Consultation on an on-going basis as they move towards launch.

Follow the project

Outer Planet Panic by Silver Phoenix

Helping to build a social media presence for their game, Outer Planet Panic.

Follow the project

Damnation, the Gothic Game by Black Letter Games

Jumping on a really dark gothic boardgame and will handle their Instagram Channel

Launching 26th of October

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