Social Media Basics

Have a Latte

What we know

  1. People follow people, not Brands.
  2. The Reputation of the Owner of a company attributes to nearly half of the company’s perceived value, and reputation.

The future of B2B

Social branding is no longer a nice-to-have, but essential.

Your social media presence can attract:

  • Investors
  • Media
  • Employees
  • Customers

This is why your Brand = Reputation

Content Strategy

  1. Who is the targeted audience?
  2. What is something that is related to the company that you can talk about?
  3. What do you have to say?

    Where is it shared?

    1. Social media
    2. Virtual / in person speaking
    3. Guest contributed articles

    Maybe you recently launched a new game, or annouced a product, what did you learn while working on it?
    What is something you had to change?
    How did you handle feedback?
    Where did the inspiration come from?


  1. Connect
  2. Post regularly
  3. Engage


  1. Visibility and Engagement
  2. Speaking Opportunities
  3. Media
  4. Sales

I recently helped a client of mine get on LinkedIn, and she is already GirlBossing over there after just a few weeks of writing one post a week.

When we talk about “posting regularly”, that doesn’t have to be once a day, it can be whatever WORKS for you, be it every forthnight, or once every 2 week, as long as you are able to remain consistent.

Keep in mind what your goals are when posting, and building your network.
And don’t be afraid of having an opinion!

Drop some REAL knowledge.

…then sit back and relax

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Brand Marketing

The audit is on!

Today we are looking at your brand.
Do you pass the test? Do you need help with anything?

  • Are you using the same high-level pitch of your game on your bio page for socials?
  • Is the style and tone of voice consistent throughout your marketing efforts?
  • Are you ensuring that the most important information is placed “above the fold” on socials?
  • Are you adding subtitles on voice content?
  • Are you following a style guide for marketing content?

(consistent usage of logo, fonts, colors, filters/image editing, tone of voice, word usage, and emojis)

Cosplay photoshoot for DiceCoaltionGames

Food for thoughts:
If I asked you today, what is your brand, what would you answer?