Brand Marketing

The audit is on!

Today we are looking at your brand.
Do you pass the test? Do you need help with anything?

  • Are you using the same high-level pitch of your game on your bio page for socials?
  • Is the style and tone of voice consistent throughout your marketing efforts?
  • Are you ensuring that the most important information is placed “above the fold” on socials?
  • Are you adding subtitles on voice content?
  • Are you following a style guide for marketing content?

(consistent usage of logo, fonts, colors, filters/image editing, tone of voice, word usage, and emojis)

Cosplay photoshoot for DiceCoaltionGames

Food for thoughts:
If I asked you today, what is your brand, what would you answer?

Springtime is audit time.

For your social media accounts that is.

Creativity doesn’t stop with game design, it seeps into your marketing efforts as well.

  • Are you using all of Instagram’s formats to your advantage?
  • Are you using TikTok, the best way you can?
  • Do you update your Facebook page, and public group (for your game) as often as you should?
  • Are you posting and engaging enough on Twitter?
  • Are you using Reddit actively?
  • Are your account names the same across all platforms?